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Meet Wayne 

As a transformational coach and founder of Hartley Development Coaching, I ignite potential. Combining diverse coaching models with NLP and a passion for growth, I tailor impactful experiences for individuals and families. Witnessing their aspirations bloom into achievements fuels my lifelong learning and dedication to excellence.

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My Story

From Childcare to Coaching: My Path to Inspiring Change.

My story begins in a children's care home, where I spent eight years nurturing young minds and witnessing their potential. This sparked a passion for empowering others, which led me to a decade in the Early Help Intensive Family Support Team, honing my coaching skills with families facing complex challenges.

Through it all, my love for learning blossomed. Each qualification enriched my coaching toolbox, from health and social care to music and graphic design. Witnessing the impact of my "Motivational Advice & Guidance Training" program solidified my commitment to transforming lives.

Then, "Hartley Development Coaching" was born. My bespoke approach, fuelled by NLP and diverse learning styles, unlocks potential and turns aspirations into achievements. This is not just a job; it's a mission to inspire growth and nurture change.

With a bubbly personality and infectious enthusiasm, I navigate challenges and spread positivity alongside my clients. Each coaching session is a privilege, a journey where we co-create success. And as the story unfolds, I am excited to see what transformations will bloom next.


What I Offer You:

  • Unlock Your Potential: Discover your inner strength and achieve tangible goals.

  • Transformative Journeys: Overcome obstacles and create lasting change.

  • Empowered Living: Achieve personal and professional growth with confidence.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery and achievement. Let's unlock your potential together!

46 Camford Way





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