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Meet Jason

More than just physical techniques, this program offers:

  • Confidence-building training: Develop mental fortitude and assertive communication skills.

  • Fun and dynamic fitness: Improve your strength, cardiovascular health, and coordination.

  • Practical self-defense skills: Learn effective techniques to handle potentially dangerous situations.

  • Supportive and empowering environment: Train alongside other women and celebrate each other's successes.

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My Story

Empowering Women Through Self-Defence:

It all started with one request - a woman seeking the confidence and skills to feel safe in her community. Inspired by her need, I crafted a simple self-defence program. What began as a helping hand has blossomed into a robust community of empowered women.

Witnessing their transformation has become my passion and mission. My carefully designed syllabus evolves constantly, equipping women with practical self-defence techniques, heightened awareness, and unwavering confidence.

More than just self-defence, my classes foster:

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem: Standing tall and feeling capable makes a difference.

  • Enhanced situational awareness: Recognising potential threats and staying proactive can empower you.

  • Practical self-defence skills: Knowing how to protect yourself adds an invaluable layer of security.

  • Supportive community: Training alongside other women creates a bond of strength and encouragement.

My greatest reward is seeing their transformation:

  • The nervous student who now walks with confident strides.

  • The hesitant voice now speaks with assertiveness.

  • A steady, empowered gaze replaced the fearful glance..

If you're ready to unlock your inner strength and feel in control, join our supportive community. Together, we can empower ourselves and each other.


  • One convenient class: Every Thursday, 6:30-8:00 PM, at The Burford Centre.

  • No prior experience needed: Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, we welcome you with open arms.

  • Supportive and encouraging: Train alongside other women in a positive environment that fosters growth and confidence.

  • Comprehensive instruction: Learn practical self-defence techniques, situational awareness, and de-escalation strategies.

  • Empowering atmosphere: Gain the confidence to walk tall and navigate any situation with assertiveness and strength.

Ready to join our community and unlock your inner warrior?

Message us below for more information or to register!

Don't wait; take control of your safety and well-being today!

46 Camford Way





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