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Meet Christine 

As a Relax Kids coach, I have the privilege of participating in this transformative journey. Every child I work with brings his or her own unique story and challenges. But seeing them discover their inner strength and develop coping mechanisms is incredibly fulfilling.
If you're passionate about helping children and positively impacting their lives, becoming a Relax Kids coach could be your calling, too.

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My Story

Hi, my name is Christine Burford; I share the same name as my husband, Chris! 
I qualified as a Social Worker in 1999, working with children and their families. During the lockdown, I trained as a Relax Kids Coach, becoming fully certified in April 2022. 

Relax Kids was created by Marneta Viegas – Founder of Relax Kids Ltd, in 2000 with one goal – to help children feel happier, more positive and believe in themselves.

Relax Kids is designed to work with children aged 5-12 in a fun, rejuvenating, and unique way of working through the seven steps: move, play, stretch, feel, breathe, believe and relax. The classes can be taken on a 1:2:1 basis, in small groups, classrooms, assemblies, parent/carer and child and can be tailored to meet specific needs such as building self-esteem, preparing for SAT Tests or supporting children to learn self-soothing skills to help keep them calm. 

Quotes from parents: 
"S enjoyed the breathing exercises. In those sessions, she learned different strategies for her well-being. Thank you. "

"J has stated he had fun during the class and was excited to show me the new things he had learnt. He also demonstrated the tasks which Christine taught during the class once arriving home. The class has been truly beneficial, and we will surely attend again".


Relax Kids is a unique program that equips children with tools and techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions. Through fun and engaging activities, they learn valuable skills like:

  • Mindfulness: becoming aware of their thoughts and feelings without judgment

  • Relaxation: practicing deep breathing and other calming techniques

  • Positive self-talk: developing a growth mindset and fostering self-belief

  • Resilience: building the ability to bounce back from setbacks

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