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Unleash Your Teen's Potential: Empowering Life Coaching at Hartley Development

Is your teen seeking direction, purpose, or a boost in confidence? Hartley Development Coaching offers a life-changing solution with our 6-week program specifically designed for young people aged 15-19.

Here's why teens and families choose us:

  • Guided by Experience: Our coach boasts 20 years of expertise in empowering young minds, ensuring insightful guidance and support.

  • Safe Haven for Exploration: We create a welcoming atmosphere where teens can express themselves freely, free from judgment.

  • Unleashing Inner Strength: Open-ended questions spark self-reflection, helping teens discover their unique strengths and overcome limiting beliefs.

  • Tailored for Today's Teens: Sessions address the specific challenges and experiences teenagers face in today's world.

  • Proven Success: Witness the positive transformations our coach has facilitated in countless young people.

Partner with Burford Centre:

  • Easy Referrals: Enrol your teen through the Burford Centre for seamless access to our program.

  • Secure Your Spot: Limited spaces available, so reserve your teen's spot for growth and resilience.

  • Watch Them Blossom: See your teen flourish under expert guidance, equipped with tools for a brighter future.

Invest in your teen's well-being. Contact us today Email and let Hartley Development Coaching be your launchpad for transformation!

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